This is a place for me to write down ponderments, wonderings and ideas -probably none of them particularly deep or important.

I used to have a notebook -an actual paper book, not a mini-laptop, goodness me- that I would carry around with me at school and it’d fill up with randomness and doodles over a few months. I’d get through a few of them a year, and they always looked different- one was a hardback with a Playboy logo (not usually my style, but hey), another just a small red paperback.

I don’t have that anymore, and I enjoy blogging and the online community that comes with it, so this blog will be a sort of notebook. Maybe. You just never know how a blog is going to evolve. Evolve and grow, on a journey. Like a Strictly Come Dancing contestant.

Oh, and please feel free to comment on any posts.


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