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Little Noo is Twenty-Two!

In commemoration of my sister’s 22nd birthday today, I’m going to post a piece of writing that I just stumbled across.

I’m not sure of the age Fiona was when she wrote it, but it shows a depth of insight that one would not believe possible in such a small child. In fact, I firmly believe that if this piece is not an example of an uncanny knack for reading the future, then little Fifi at least had powers of foreshadowing to rival that of Charlotte Bronte. For this tale, edgily titled ‘The Skelenton’s’, seems to be an accurate vision of her life as a twenty-something. Just replace the words ‘two skeletons and a dog skeleton’ with ‘Me and Evey and a dog skeleton’, and you may well be reading a diary entry written only last week. I feel we must excuse the blatant plagiarism in the first lines, as she was only little.

(Transcription below)

The Skelenton’s

It was a dark dark night.

Two skelenton’s and a dog skeleton.

They woke up and read a poems and mad[e] up this

I like brecfast yum yum yum I like brecfast in my tum.

I don’t like that do you? said little skelenton

yes. I do. Shall we go to the park

okay came on then.

So they went out and fell aslep on the park bench until the next day.

The next day they were scared so they hid behind a tree but they saw nobody.

Rattle rattle what was that.

The[y] where scard so they said help and ran back home.

Aaah its foloing us. 

Oops is was my arm.

It has it all; reading, writing and criticising poetry, falling asleep on a park bench, love of breakfast, hiding behind trees, being followed by one’s own rattly arm. Ah, the carefree life of a twenty-two year old.

Seriously though, little Noni is my rock, when I need one. She’s hilarious (often without realising it).

She is quite literally the music that fills our home.

Her frown may be enough to make a snowman shiver, but her smile is bright and warm enough to melt it. Poor little snowman; it just can’t win when it comes to Fiona.

I love you, little sis.

Sally x

I’ll be posting my annual blog post/introspective nonsense and unfulfilled predictions at New Years :)