So long 2011, and thanks for all the coldsores, PART 1.

Things that happened in 2011:


Twin baby girls I call my nieces were born.


Dad got married.

Our beautiful tortoiseshell cat died.

Had an interview at a uni to study midwifery.


Got into university! MUCH REJOICING.

We moved to Wiltshire.


Saw Noah & The Whale in Leeds with Fiona, met the boys. All very lovely, very talented, very handsome and extremely sweaty.

Hot Easter holiday, lovely long days at Lydiard House.


Fed little lambs in Jack’s garden.

Royal wedding fever! Catherine! So lovely!


Last English seminar ever- Harry Potter, with Frances and chocolate frogs.


 Cut hair short, dyed blonde.

Finished exams! Full day of partying on terrace with Leeds girls and the boys. Got sunburnt.

5th June, moved out of Leeds. Got degree classification- 2:1. YIPPEE!

Not bad for a CRAZAY  GIRL.


Graduation! Wonderful day.

House hunting with Jack. We see some of the worst S-ton has to offer.


Summer hols! Old Sarum, New Forest, Lydiard Park, Jack’s leavers ball (Chesney Hawkes!).



Holiday in Porthleven, Cornwall.

That was the view from my bedroom. Seriously.



Started studying at S-ton.

Moved in with Jack, lovely house.


Adopted Morag, semi-feral beautiful kitten who just this evening jumped up and down on a box of chocolates until it fell to the floor.

Went with the Hills to pick out Lola the WH Viszla pup!


Okay, she is now twice that size, and still a puppy. A BOUNCY BOUNCY HUGE PUPPY.

I also met up with my Leeds girls at Covent Garden.


My 23rd birthday!

Then I got sick for two weeks. AWFUL. (caught from twins, probably, as they were doing a lot of sneezing and also grabbing my face with their little baby hands and drooling on me)

But there’s no way you could get angry at that little face. Bless her and her little germs <3


Decorated house for Christmas. Lights fell down at least twice a day. Puppy-sat Lola over Christmas- EXHAUSTED INAJWDBBHHBHJMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Fell asleep, so exhausted. Mum moved to same town as me, yay! However, MORE EXHAUSTION.

Oddly enough, NO PICTURES.

New Years Eve 

Spent eating ice cream and watching the box set of Downton Abbey.


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