So long 2011, and thanks for all the coldsores, PART 2

Things I learned in 2011:

I can do anything I really set my mind to. Or at least, I can talk my way into it.

Slow down and let good things come to you instead of panicking and launching yourself at something not quite as good.

The worst day of your life might just turn into a cracking barn dance.

Short blonde hair really freaking suits me.

I’m actually obsessed with dogs, weddings, and babies.

I firmly believe that there should be a chair in a bathroom.

Long lost friends can, with a little effort, become new found friends. And great friends, at that.

My sister is the strongest person I know.

I’m a pretty crap housewife.

I’d rather have a baby than a puppy.

The female pelvis and its relationship with the fetal skull is amazing.

Often the people who seem the most sincere, are in fact the least.

Thinking about money brings me near to a panic attack.

I’m no longer scared of needles.

CPR on adults, children and infants is easy when you know how. But tiring. And I keep forgetting how many breaths to how many compressions.

I love haloumi. “Do you like salt? Do you like wellies? Great! Then you’ll like haloumi!”

Old people are great. (Mrs Entwistle is the best person I’ve met in a long time)

Some friends, no matter how much they say they miss you, will always flake.

Mums throw the best birthday parties.

Porthleven may be one  of my new favourite places on earth.

The Help is a really great book.

My heritage is mostly Jewish. And Scottish.

The things I have been sad about for years regarding my granddad would actually have made him laugh. Thanks mum.


Wrote to Doris Day

Started plan for a novel

Received signed copy of Snuff, by Terry Pratchett

Got a 2:1 on first midwifery essay

Read the whole of Persuasion by Austen

Set up house with Jack

Assembled Ikea furniture (some without help!)

Researched and created family tree.

Lost a few pounds

Graduated from Leeds with a 2:1!

Got onto Midwifery degree course!

Things I want for 2012:

Do well in first placement and exams.

Not to be totally skint.

Good health.

Mum to settle in to new house and feel happy.

Start running again.

Grow my hair to a 1920’s bob.

Consider getting a tattoo.

Spend time with Jack.

Get further with family tree.

Holiday at some point!

Write story.

Go to church.

Read Sense & Sensibility

A better wardrobe.

See a birth!

Predictions for 2012:

Duchess of Cambridge will be pregnant.

X Factor will be cancelled/have such low ratings it won’t make it to 2013.

Duke of Edinburgh will make it through the year, live and kicking.

Obama won’t be re-elected. (sadly)

The Olympics will be everywhere, and it will get boring.

I’m going to need a filling. The New Years Eve ice cream and Downton Abbey fest turned into a blinding tooth pain and Downton Abbey fest.

Resolutions for 2012:

Try to get 8 hours sleep every night. (haaaa)

Work hard.

Arrive early to everything.

Be a better ‘housewife’.

Join a choir.


Keep in touch with people.

Cycle to mum’s house.

Go running at least once a week to start with.



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