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Rebecca Black, ‘Friday’

Ok, so I just watched Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ video. I have a few questions.

1. Why are they ‘looking forward to the weekend’ when they’re blatantly ‘partying partying yeah’ on Friday?

2. Why does she even bother going to the bus stop if she’s going to skive off all day with her friends? Ref. line ‘I see my friends’. She doesn’t take much convincing to bunk off. However, the fact that she doesn’t attend school explains the bad grammar in the lines ‘We we we so excited’ and ‘We gonna have a ball tonight’.

3. Why are 12 year olds driving cars and attending raves? (in particular see kid at 1:38)

4. Who is the random rapping adult? Is he on his way to pick up his child from the rave?

‎5. Why does she have such a hard time choosing where to sit? “Kicking in the front seat, sitting in the back seat. Gotta make my mind up- which seat shall I take?”. Both seats in the front are taken! She then repeats this line, despite the fact that she’s ALREADY sitting in the back. Is she considering jumping forward into the front? This would be very dangerous. However, it seems that she and her friends have little regard for road safety, considering they are standing up in the back of a open top convertible. Also, she is happy to be in a car being driven by a 12 year old. What would her parents say?


PS. I actually genuinely enjoy this version:


Photo: Sister

I took this photo in December 2004- our first Christmas at the house we’ve just left.

My sister, Fiona, is 14 here.

This dark, high contrast black & white style was my favourite form of photo editing at the time (I was only 16, to be fair!)… And although it looks dreadful on many pictures I look back on, I like it on this one. I don’t even have the original of this picture, just this version.

I don’t know what I want to say about it today, I just came across it again and thought it was beautiful. My sister has such a lovely face. I think this picture looks like some artist with charcoal saw her and wanted to capture that young beauty. She even reminds me a little of Vermeer’s ‘Girl With A Pearl Earring’.

The curve of her cheek, maybe.