Photo: Creation

I love how this flower is wearing the colours of Easter.

I can’t wait for Spring this year. I really can’t. I feel like everyone’s in need of a bit of warmth, sunshine, colour. I know I am. It’s been a long winter. I normally love cold weather, but I’ve had enough of it for now.

Spring is the best time to be in Leeds, I think. There are crocuses and daffodils lining the walk into university, and it’s gorgeous- the crocuses just spring up out of nowhere. Spring! And they’re all different colours, and ever so fragile. There’s always some idiot who tramples them, though. I just try and enjoy them while they’re there.

I honestly think one of the best uses of a camera is a close up shot of a flower. It’s often the only time you really get to look at a flower properly, to take in its tiny veins and places where the colour merges. You see where the petals curve. When I really think about it, I just find it fascinating that a flower knows how to grow in the way it does. The flower in my photograph somehow knew it ought to be purple and white, with a brilliant orange trumpet in the middle. Some will say it’s all about procreation, the result of evolution and lots of enthusiastic bees. Others will call it God. Maybe it’s both.

Whatever made it that way, it made it beautiful.


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