Photo: Locks

I’ve decided to post a random photo from my computer archive- either daily or weekly, I haven’t decided. I like exploring the thoughts and memories that a photo can provoke, even a photograph I may never have found particularly interesting before.

It makes me sad to look at this picture. I miss my hair looking like that; although I’m always being told that shorter hair makes me look prettier in a ‘more-my-age’ way, I always felt really lovely when I wore my hair down and it curled naturally like that. I didn’t do that often enough.
I miss having red hair but I don’t think it would suit me any more.
I know we must all, at some point, ‘put away childish things’, and it seems that lately that’s what I have to do. Perhaps for me, giving up the red hair is one of those things. Probably not what Paul meant , but still.
I do feel sad looking at this picture, but I also feel happy. I may have to look at it again when I’m not suffering insomnia.


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