Kitty in a basket.

So this is going to be a cat lady post. Just letting you non-cat-people know. But I feel I should also tell you that I really didn’t like cats until we got two kittens of our own 4 years ago, and now I do like them… Well I like our cats, and some others if they’re polite, and clean. Also, even if you just resolutely don’t like cats, you should like this cat, because he is awesome. Look what I found in the kitchen this afternoon:

Orlando has been a bit naughty lately. He lives in hope that the glass in my bedroom window will magically disappear and he will one day get to play with the housemartin fledglings nesting outside; he spends a lot of the early morning balanced on the windowsill in case of this eventuality, and as it is only a small windowsill he also spends a lot of the early morning falling off the windowsill and knocking over all my DVD’s.

He is also a treats junkie. Honestly, if he goes too long without a Whiskers nibble, he will headbutt you until you go to the shops and buy some. He’s been known to break into the cupboard and drop the box from a height to get to the treats within. He can’t stop at one, either.

But he redeemed himself  today by suddenly deciding to crawl into this basket while my mum and I were being stressed about car insurance (well, mum was being stressed and I was supporting her) and just turn the charm up to 11.  He is quite the master of cute, you know. So masterful is he in his cuteness that I made a little film… Amongst his markings, Orlando has a cravat, moustache, and white gloves, so I’m afraid he could be nothing but an early screen idol.

My cat has just reminded me, however, that he isn’t actually Errol Flynn – by pouncing on the keyboard before draping himself across my lap and licking his paws. Still…


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