If I’m going to do this teacher training thingybob when I leave uni, I stand the best chance of getting my application considered by sending it off as soon as they open in September; the system is a bit cut-throat.

The universities get your application one at a time, so Southampton (for example, just plucking a random university out of nowhere…) can keep hold of mine for a while before they decide they don’t want me, when they’ll release my application to the next university. Which could, hypothetically, mean that my first choice uni could keep hold of my application and by the time they release it having decided that I would probably be detrimental to the education of young minds, the places on my second choice might already have been filled up. So, I’m being super organised and planning my personal statement and university choices now.

It’s hard. Trying to sell myself into a course that I’m not 100% sure I even want to do -but I know that if I did get onto it, I would enjoy it and work hard at it. Trying to imagine where I’ll want to live, well that’s easier – but I have a responsibility to other people to make sure I go to the right place for them too. Trying to get my head down and do so well in my final year at uni that I can finally feel proud of my degree and my time at Leeds- well, that’s the bit I find hard to imagine. Not that I won’t try…I just can’t imagine myself succeeding at it.

So much to think about. I should probably start by switching off Britain’s Next Top Model.


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