I went to see Inception recently (pretty awesome- in fact, totally awesome and I want to see it again), but was feeling so sick at one point I actually had to leave the screen and sip some water, splash my face and just breeeeeathe for a few minutes. Now, if you know me you’ll know there are only two reasons I will ever walk out of a film;

1. I am desperate for a wee,

2. The film is over and I have stayed long enough in the credits to see if there were any bonus bits at the end.

So man, I was feeling bad. I made it back in to see the rest of the film (by which time the action had moved to an entirely different place/level/dream thing…), but on the way out I literally walked INTO a wall.

So, as you may perhaps have surmised, I have been suffering from inner ear problems. In that they really HURT and keep making me dizzy and sick.

Add in headaches, sinus-ness, tiredness, various small financial/friend/life things grouping up to create more stress, and a general constant feeling of- as Bilbo puts it, “Butter spread over too much bread” and you may understand why I haven’t posted properly here in a while and why I’m still not feeling as chatty or creative as I’d like to be. Anyway. I’ll be back soon :)


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