Even more words and thinks.

So, I updated my blog’s look  (and ain’t it puuurty?) and thought maybe I could update the content too.

My old blog about Leeds (and how there are definitely good things to be said about living there, right? Right?) has been sitting unloved for a while now, so I thought it was time to close it down properly and move on. So, I’ve managed to import all my old posts from there onto this blog… so if anybody fancies a read of what I had to say before I started writing at Sarah Thinks, please feel free to peruse my archives. Ooh, matron!



One thought on “Even more words and thinks.

  1. Fiona B says:

    It is pretty! You know who else has a pretty blog? ME! http://fionafbaillie.blogspot.com/ Your loverly sister. Actually, it’s looking pretty crap at the mo because someone messed it up a bit…
    Anyway. =] Love you! xx

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