In a materialistic mood…

My go-to, perfectly-slouchy, goes-with-everything, carries-anything, brown leather River Island handbag (with two straps, one shorter and more useable, the other long and made of thick heavy chain) broke recently after a good 3 or so years of service. I have no photo. At the moment, I’m using this little New Look bag:

New Look

Rose Across Body Bag, £15

It’s very cute and pretty versatile, it was cheap, and I like the fact that’s like an alternative corsage…but it’s not big enough, i.e. I can’t fit a pair of shoes and at least two books in it along with the usual purse, eyeliner, mobile, camera, assortment of pens and old receipts.

I can’t afford anything new at the moment, and if I’m being mean (read, honest) about it I won’t really need a new bag until I go back to uni and need to carry books in. So I’m doing a wee bit of research. Ahem.

The only criteria are: it must be big, and it must make me stop scrolling down the page and go ‘oooh’, or nod with appreciation. Also, in this little dreamy world of wish-blogging there is no budget – which isn’t to say the following bags wil all be luxury designer pieces. As I’ve said, ‘Oooh’ is enough.


‘Barbarella’ Large Shoulder Bag, was £59 currently £29.50 (sooo tempted)


Jasmine Vintage Birdie and Blossom Print Shoulder Bag, £40


‘Farnham’ Large Drawstring Multi-way Bag, £145


Leather Slot Through Satchel, £65

And a few more that caught my eye….

I think perhaps the ‘Farnham’ Radley is a bit too ‘grown up’ for me.

I love the little fish clasp on the Nica Rowan bag above, which was available in a few different colours… I was torn between this blue and a really vibrant purple.

I love that Accessorize bag but the strap, whilst beautiful, doesn’t look very comfortable for every day use.

My eyes are still drawn to the first bag, that blue Fiorelli. Not that it matters, because I’m not going to buy any of them anyway…Any generous anonymous benefactors out there? I guess not, as this isn’t a Dickens or Austen novel. Sigh!


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