A few completely unconnected thoughts…

…Or, Procrastination Before Bed. Or What You Will.

I had to take my car into town to get a tyre replaced, and thought it might be wise to mention the slightly (ok, very) disconcerting sound my brakes have been making over the past few days. Kind of like a ‘khhhhhhhhhhh’, and then a bit of juddering before the car stops. Not fun. Turns out that’s completely normal – if your brake pads are worn down to the metal. Damn. Had to leave my car there, as apparently its ‘dangerous’ to drive a car that may or may not stop when you need it to.

I have got a headache. I think it’s a hayfever headache, but tiredness is probably part of it- I had loads of vivid dreams last night, the most distressing of which was me crying hysterically because I’d let down my executioner by asking not to be shot. Yeah. So maybe this is also partly a stress headache. And then of course, there’s the HOURS of staring at my laptop, waiting for the internet to do something interesting (and hooo, did it! Hey Doocers?)*

Factor in TV watching, not wearing glasses or contacts and therefore straining my eyes all day and reading in a darkish bedroom and…
All in all, I am due one BIG headache.

A final thought: I am very sorry indeed to those FOUR, count them, FOUR people who searched google for ‘black people nude’ today and somehow ended up on my blog. This is not the droid you are looking for.

*In-joke. With a few thousand people.


2 thoughts on “A few completely unconnected thoughts…

  1. Katherine says:

    How do you find out what people Googled to get to your blog? Also, are you a P-Dub fan?

    • Sarah says:

      WordPress has a blogger dashboard that does a few interesting things- there’s a chart that shows how many people have visited each day, a bit that tells you if people have clicked on links from your blog, a bit that tells you where they clicked on the link to your own blog etc aaaaaand a bit that tells you what search terms people used if they found you on a search engine.

      Also… I haven’t heard of P-Dub. What is? x

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