Musings on handsome men.

Jack (he of a few posts below, my beloved, my co-captain, the John to my Yoko,) recently got his hair cut short. He does that sometimes. It is usually shocking for a few days, as he generally has beautiful long curls a la Orlando Bloom, but then I get used to it and I like the way it shows off more of his pretty face.

This time, it was surprising to me because I noticed for the first time that he’s actually turning into an adult. I mean, we’re 21 so you’d have thought I’d have known that but still. And I think he’s just so very handsome that I wanted to share. Also, just because I enjoy photography, particularly portraits, and this is my current favourite of Jack.

Also, here’s a recent picture of us at a wedding in Norfolk. I like this whole series of pictures, but I’ve chosen one where neither of us looks too goofy.

(THIS was the alternative) :

So anyway, having reviewed my photos of the weekend in Norfolk, I got to thinking (a la Carrie B) about the iconic male long-to-short haircuts I’ve loved in the past (and the media), and I was surprised to find that there have been a few.

Lets start with Aiden from Sex and the City, a very fine place to start. He goes from this:

Then, there’s  ‘I’ from Withnail and I, played by Paul McGann – who my drama teacher Mr F decrees is the most beautiful man in the world. At the end of the film, he goes from this:

OK, so this one isn’t from a film, but I just want to note that no matter how much I love Johnny Depp with long hair:

…he is also so very lovely with short hair:

OK, so that was a bit gratuitous. Another short-long-short cut that I’ve always enjoyed is Lieutenant Dan from ‘Forrest Gump’, but I couldn’t find any good stills… and also, my mum finds him attractive in a ‘reptilian way’. The same with William Fichtner (Alex Mahone in Prison Break).

I’m sure there are more, I just can’t think of them right now. While I think, here’s another nice portrait of Jack I just discovered, from the weekend in Norfolk. Although, this picture was taken in Suffolk (we took quite a big detour to the seaside).


4 thoughts on “Musings on handsome men.

  1. John Smith says:

    I think Johnny Depp is sexy!

  2. Smee says:

    Oh God. John Corbett, Paul McGann AND Johnny Depp on one page?! I couldn’t ask for more… Talking of John Corbett and long hair – I first saw him on Northern Exposure in the 90s with lovely long hair. Delicious:

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