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In a materialistic mood…

My go-to, perfectly-slouchy, goes-with-everything, carries-anything, brown leather River Island handbag (with two straps, one shorter and more useable, the other long and made of thick heavy chain) broke recently after a good 3 or so years of service. I have no photo. At the moment, I’m using this little New Look bag:

New Look

Rose Across Body Bag, £15

It’s very cute and pretty versatile, it was cheap, and I like the fact that’s like an alternative corsage…but it’s not big enough, i.e. I can’t fit a pair of shoes and at least two books in it along with the usual purse, eyeliner, mobile, camera, assortment of pens and old receipts.

I can’t afford anything new at the moment, and if I’m being mean (read, honest) about it I won’t really need a new bag until I go back to uni and need to carry books in. So I’m doing a wee bit of research. Ahem.

The only criteria are: it must be big, and it must make me stop scrolling down the page and go ‘oooh’, or nod with appreciation. Also, in this little dreamy world of wish-blogging there is no budget – which isn’t to say the following bags wil all be luxury designer pieces. As I’ve said, ‘Oooh’ is enough.


‘Barbarella’ Large Shoulder Bag, was £59 currently £29.50 (sooo tempted)


Jasmine Vintage Birdie and Blossom Print Shoulder Bag, £40


‘Farnham’ Large Drawstring Multi-way Bag, £145


Leather Slot Through Satchel, £65

And a few more that caught my eye….

I think perhaps the ‘Farnham’ Radley is a bit too ‘grown up’ for me.

I love the little fish clasp on the Nica Rowan bag above, which was available in a few different colours… I was torn between this blue and a really vibrant purple.

I love that Accessorize bag but the strap, whilst beautiful, doesn’t look very comfortable for every day use.

My eyes are still drawn to the first bag, that blue Fiorelli. Not that it matters, because I’m not going to buy any of them anyway…Any generous anonymous benefactors out there? I guess not, as this isn’t a Dickens or Austen novel. Sigh!


Last night

There’s a knock at the front door.

Fiona: Fetch me musket!

Me, looking out of the window: It’s the police!   … Do you still want your musket?

A few completely unconnected thoughts…

…Or, Procrastination Before Bed. Or What You Will.

I had to take my car into town to get a tyre replaced, and thought it might be wise to mention the slightly (ok, very) disconcerting sound my brakes have been making over the past few days. Kind of like a ‘khhhhhhhhhhh’, and then a bit of juddering before the car stops. Not fun. Turns out that’s completely normal – if your brake pads are worn down to the metal. Damn. Had to leave my car there, as apparently its ‘dangerous’ to drive a car that may or may not stop when you need it to.

I have got a headache. I think it’s a hayfever headache, but tiredness is probably part of it- I had loads of vivid dreams last night, the most distressing of which was me crying hysterically because I’d let down my executioner by asking not to be shot. Yeah. So maybe this is also partly a stress headache. And then of course, there’s the HOURS of staring at my laptop, waiting for the internet to do something interesting (and hooo, did it! Hey Doocers?)*

Factor in TV watching, not wearing glasses or contacts and therefore straining my eyes all day and reading in a darkish bedroom and…
All in all, I am due one BIG headache.

A final thought: I am very sorry indeed to those FOUR, count them, FOUR people who searched google for ‘black people nude’ today and somehow ended up on my blog. This is not the droid you are looking for.

*In-joke. With a few thousand people.

Ooh, just quickly…

…I wanted to add that I will be posting here more regularly than I have been recently; I’ve been very busy. Yeah I know, what sort of person is actually busier during the holidays than term time?
“Me” sort of person it seems.

Musings on handsome men.

Jack (he of a few posts below, my beloved, my co-captain, the John to my Yoko,) recently got his hair cut short. He does that sometimes. It is usually shocking for a few days, as he generally has beautiful long curls a la Orlando Bloom, but then I get used to it and I like the way it shows off more of his pretty face.

This time, it was surprising to me because I noticed for the first time that he’s actually turning into an adult. I mean, we’re 21 so you’d have thought I’d have known that but still. And I think he’s just so very handsome that I wanted to share. Also, just because I enjoy photography, particularly portraits, and this is my current favourite of Jack.

Also, here’s a recent picture of us at a wedding in Norfolk. I like this whole series of pictures, but I’ve chosen one where neither of us looks too goofy.

(THIS was the alternative) :

So anyway, having reviewed my photos of the weekend in Norfolk, I got to thinking (a la Carrie B) about the iconic male long-to-short haircuts I’ve loved in the past (and the media), and I was surprised to find that there have been a few.

Lets start with Aiden from Sex and the City, a very fine place to start. He goes from this:

Then, there’s  ‘I’ from Withnail and I, played by Paul McGann – who my drama teacher Mr F decrees is the most beautiful man in the world. At the end of the film, he goes from this:

OK, so this one isn’t from a film, but I just want to note that no matter how much I love Johnny Depp with long hair:

…he is also so very lovely with short hair:

OK, so that was a bit gratuitous. Another short-long-short cut that I’ve always enjoyed is Lieutenant Dan from ‘Forrest Gump’, but I couldn’t find any good stills… and also, my mum finds him attractive in a ‘reptilian way’. The same with William Fichtner (Alex Mahone in Prison Break).

I’m sure there are more, I just can’t think of them right now. While I think, here’s another nice portrait of Jack I just discovered, from the weekend in Norfolk. Although, this picture was taken in Suffolk (we took quite a big detour to the seaside).