Dressing up…

I am, as I have mentioned, very excited about the new Sex and the City film coming out this Friday. I will, of course, be dressing up in some lovely heels and a snazzy dress to go and see it with my girlfriends along with drinks and maybe dinner. I’ll be the one desperately gritting my teeth with every step, as I wore some ill-advised heels for a walk about the park at the weekend and managed to make a large painful, blisterous hole over my achilles tendon.

SJP must basically have hooves.

Of course, I won’t entertain the thought of going to see SATC in flats (being 5″3, though, I’d probably be able to slip past the ticket people unnoticed in a crowd of stilleto’d girls)… I will just walk through the pain, and allow the joy of the film (Aidan in particular) to wash over me and heal me.

I was feeling very Carrie-inspired the other day, and so I enjoyed playing with a few outfits and experimenting with different looks for a while before settling on what is basically my favourite skirt. I’m also feeling quite inspired by ‘S’ over at Not Just Medical, so I thought I’d post a couple of photos of what I eventually went out wearing. (I apologise for the photo quality. Surprisingly, a messy student bathroom in a poky Victorian terrace is not the ideal studio…It’s the only room with a big mirror, and the camera timer’s playing silly buggers).

My beloved leather gladiator wedges, Alixia-Paris… got them at TK Maxx for a steal a couple of summers ago.

Smoky topaz (topaz is my birthstone), diamond and silver necklace by Babette Wasserman, an 18th birthday present from Jack. I wear it almost every day.

Shell …(I want to say Mother-of-pearl but I’m not sure it’s the right colour, although in real life it does have the lovely sheen)…loveheart bracelet, a gift from my dad. I also wear this all the time. It’s ably modelled here by Kevin.

My well-worn and ridiculously diverse Esprit skirt, gift from my mum about 7 years ago. When I was 14, this skirt would sit on my hipbones. It is now a high-waisted skirt…

I was quite pleaseed with it, as I often have trouble dressing my hourglass figure – big bottoms and bosoms are lovely but when sported by a shorty like me they can tend to make one look either dumpy or wench-like. Wench is not so bad, I guess…I am a big fan of the medieval world, as it goes. I just think there are some days I’d rather be an Eleanor of Aquitaine than buxom toothless Hawise serving mead at The Swan. However, I think I did a pretty good job with the above outfit.

But today, daaaahlings, I am wearing:

Trackie bottoms by Asda and slouchy jumper by New Look.

Greasy hair and  look of despair model’s own.

One thought on “Dressing up…

  1. S says:

    Ahh I’m glad I’ve inspired you!! Everyone seems to be dressing up for SATC2 this Friday…I feel left out! I’m going to meet my boyfriend, and there’s no way in hell he’s going to see it!

    That skirt is very funky! I like the graphic print!


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