Vote, sweetie darling.

I have one essay left for this year, and two exams. The essay’s 3000 words on Arthurian chivalry, and it’s due on Monday. So why did I spend about an hour today making this? :

Because it’s awesome. That’s why.

I suppose I should have said ‘absolutely fabulous’. But that would be too obvious. That’s my sister and I, in case you thought mistook us for famous comediennes.

I also went to the pub for some banoffee pie (mmm), watched a certain amount of Supernanny, and exercised my rights as a UK citizen to vote in a democratic election for the first time, which was fun. Thanks, Mrs Pankhurst, for the procrastination inspiration! I joke…

I really do think that what the suffragettes did was inspiring and brilliant. I think it’s silly, even thoughtless, when women say they’re going to vote just because of Emmeline Pankhurst (whom I once portrayed in a play- I had to wear a completely anachronistic costume because our wardrobe mistress was slightly nutty, in an endearing way. Although, not so endearing when you’re trying to look dignified wearing an enormous -it had it’s own gravitational field- hat and a shiny red 1980’s blazer).

Mrs Pankhurst, I think, would be dismayed- or at least, rather cross- to think women were voting just to honour her memory. Women should vote because it’s vital, because they support a party, because they want change (or not), because it’s our responsibility as citizens of a democratic and free nation to take full advantage of the opportunities we are given to guide our country and our future that many people across the world are denied. Until 1928, that oppressed number included British women. So, ladies, by all means bear Mrs Pankhurst and the suffragettes and their brave actions in mind as you vote (I know I did), but don’t let that be the only reason you vote (you only have an hour left now anyway!). Now, rant over, lets enjoy this catchy little number from Mary Poppins:


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