An explanation, should anyone think it’s required.

I realise I haven’t actually done much writing here for some time. I’ve had more than one blog in the past that has at times been an emotional dumping ground for me, and I don’t really enjoy the vulnerability that sort of openness entails. It’s also embarrassing to go back and read some of the high-drama emotional teenage rubbish the internet has been subjected to in the past- although, in my defence, I have always tried to at least be witty about it. But this blog is a place for me to jot down little thoughts and pop in photos and wishlists… it’s more of a ‘happy place’ than an online personal diary. In fact, it’s more like a scrapbook. Memories, photos, current favourite songs, jokes…
So that’s why I’ve been finding it hard to post much in here lately. Because a very large part of my life has taken an unexpected and unpleasant turn so suddenly that I’m left feeling somewhat dizzy. I know that if I let myself start tapping away here about how I’m actually feeling and about the situation, then I’ll live to regret it, and you’ll all walk away shaking your heads saying ‘Oh that Sarah…she used to be so fresh and funny and with great taste in high heels. Now she’s so emo, it’s such a shame’.
That’s not to say that I am miserable. Absolutely not! Much of my life is still fandabbydozy, and I have family, friends, family-friends and a boyfriend who all care for me and whose company I really enjoy. The sun’s out. I’m going handbag shopping tomorrow. I’ve had steak for dinner twice this week. Waterloo Road’s on tomorrow night. Life = very good, for the most part.
But I hope you understand why my recent posts haven’t been very inventive. I’m also sorry if you’ve read this self-involved diatribe and regretted it. Here’s a picture of a puppy to make it better.

(…that’s our Zuzu when she was even teenier than she is now)

Phew. Puppy saves the day.


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