Frohe Ostern!

Happy Easter everyone!

Here are a few random thoughts, probably quite incoherent, because I just gorged on chocolate Easter egg, and I’m feeling light-headed and a bit sick. But it’s so worth it.

1. I really enjoyed Doctor Who last night. In fact, I didn’t even miss David Tennant. I looove David and his Doctor, but you gotta roll with the regenerations. And Matt Smith is fun! And interesting to watch! And oddly handsome. Not keen on the bow tie though. Oh but the new assistant… I want her hair. It’s so gorgeous. SHE is how I imagined Ginny Weasley. The  Harry Potter films get Ginny so wrong it hurts.

2. I’ve been watching the Grand Prix this morning, and have come to the conclusion that Mark Webber= somewhat yummy F1 driver.

3. My cat has a black eye, in as much as a cat can have a black eye. He’s been in a fight and one side of his face has puffed up so badly his eye is half closed. It’s so swollen he looks like a bit like old Marlon Brando. Orlando Brando.


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