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Julie & Julia

I just watched ‘Julie & Julia’, the 2009 film that earned Meryl Streep an Oscar nomination (although, she has received sixteen Oscar nods, winning two… the fact that this wikipedia page exists is just so impressive).

It made me laugh, and it was a sweet and visually delicious film with lovely performances. Meryl, it goes without saying, was wonderful in a perfectly judged way. Amy Adams was good, but al lI could think was how much she looked like Cynthia Nixon at times. I greatly appreciated seeing Stanley Tucci as the supportive, humourous, intelligent, totally-in-love-with-his-wife Paul Child, as the last film I saw him in was ‘The Lovely Bones’, and he was haunting and frightening. Which was great, as he was meant to be repulsive and horrible, but I like Stan, and it was a pleasure to see him in a nice role!

In comparison to Julie Powell’s blog- the basis for the film in which she cooked 524 of Julia Child’s recipes over 365 days- my blog seems so very aimless… But that doesn’t really bother me. What does bother me is that I’ve just watched 123 minutes of fantastic cooking and beautiful food, and all I have in the fridge right now is a Cheestring.

But I’m so going to eat it.


An explanation, should anyone think it’s required.

I realise I haven’t actually done much writing here for some time. I’ve had more than one blog in the past that has at times been an emotional dumping ground for me, and I don’t really enjoy the vulnerability that sort of openness entails. It’s also embarrassing to go back and read some of the high-drama emotional teenage rubbish the internet has been subjected to in the past- although, in my defence, I have always tried to at least be witty about it. But this blog is a place for me to jot down little thoughts and pop in photos and wishlists… it’s more of a ‘happy place’ than an online personal diary. In fact, it’s more like a scrapbook. Memories, photos, current favourite songs, jokes…
So that’s why I’ve been finding it hard to post much in here lately. Because a very large part of my life has taken an unexpected and unpleasant turn so suddenly that I’m left feeling somewhat dizzy. I know that if I let myself start tapping away here about how I’m actually feeling and about the situation, then I’ll live to regret it, and you’ll all walk away shaking your heads saying ‘Oh that Sarah…she used to be so fresh and funny and with great taste in high heels. Now she’s so emo, it’s such a shame’.
That’s not to say that I am miserable. Absolutely not! Much of my life is still fandabbydozy, and I have family, friends, family-friends and a boyfriend who all care for me and whose company I really enjoy. The sun’s out. I’m going handbag shopping tomorrow. I’ve had steak for dinner twice this week. Waterloo Road’s on tomorrow night. Life = very good, for the most part.
But I hope you understand why my recent posts haven’t been very inventive. I’m also sorry if you’ve read this self-involved diatribe and regretted it. Here’s a picture of a puppy to make it better.

(…that’s our Zuzu when she was even teenier than she is now)

Phew. Puppy saves the day.


As of yesterday, it’s been 4 years of ‘us’* and I’ve loved him every single day. And he’s loved me too, which is pretty awesome.  We’re quite fab together. And I’m very excited at the thought of spending even more years together, which in itself is something pretty wonderful.

* not counting the three embarrassing teenage-crush years before that…yes, I did the writing  tearstained notes and tearing them up thing, and the changing my route to class just to bump into him thing…

Looks like I’m growing, growing up beside you…

Teardrop- Massive Attack

I’m re-loving this song at the moment. It’s mellow, and thoughtful, and just very lovely. It seems to fulfil some need I have at the moment.

Also, I just found out that Elizabeth Fraser provides the beautiful vocals. She was Jeff Buckley’s girlfriend. What a duet that must have been.

Frohe Ostern!

Happy Easter everyone!

Here are a few random thoughts, probably quite incoherent, because I just gorged on chocolate Easter egg, and I’m feeling light-headed and a bit sick. But it’s so worth it.

1. I really enjoyed Doctor Who last night. In fact, I didn’t even miss David Tennant. I looove David and his Doctor, but you gotta roll with the regenerations. And Matt Smith is fun! And interesting to watch! And oddly handsome. Not keen on the bow tie though. Oh but the new assistant… I want her hair. It’s so gorgeous. SHE is how I imagined Ginny Weasley. The  Harry Potter films get Ginny so wrong it hurts.

2. I’ve been watching the Grand Prix this morning, and have come to the conclusion that Mark Webber= somewhat yummy F1 driver.

3. My cat has a black eye, in as much as a cat can have a black eye. He’s been in a fight and one side of his face has puffed up so badly his eye is half closed. It’s so swollen he looks like a bit like old Marlon Brando. Orlando Brando.