Reasons to be cheerful…Part 3 (but really 1)

My beautiful new necklace.

Having a mum who buys me flowers for no reason. That one was a pink carnation.

This blue sky. Has Spring sprung?!

I am very cheerful about the fact that this man did not break into my car, a course of action he seemed to be considering. In fact, it turned out he was an actor waiting for his cue to walk down the road. He just passed the time by looking in my car windows and pacing nervously. Actually… he’s an actor. He was probably checking his reflection.

And yes, I took his picture. Call me Nancy Drew.


4 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful…Part 3 (but really 1)

  1. Kim says:

    I LOVE that necklace! And I am very glad to hear that that man did not break into your car… I can see his shifty eyes from here.

    Also… in regards to your comment on the ol’ pee situation, is it bad that when we bought our house, I actually VERIFIED that the bathrooms both have loud fans because HEAVEN FORBID the man I’ve been dating for four years hear me use the restroom like the human I am? I love quirks. :-)

  2. theatregrad says:

    Why was there an actor waiting around outside the window? That’s pretty random!

    • Sarah says:

      Some drama or media students were making a short film, I think! They obviously wanted somewhere that looked a bit rough and scummy because the scene they were filming contained a lot of swearing and fighting. At one point rubbish bins were being thrown. Wish they’d done it in one take, it went on all day.
      Haha reading that post again I see what you mean, I wasn’t very clear.

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