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Raindrops on roses…

Today is a bit of a bugger of a day, so I think I’ll post a few dresses I’ve been admiring lately, in the hope that the Julie Andrews effect actually works. None of these dresses are white with blue satin sashes, but I do have a kitten with whiskers.

As I’ve said before, I’ve been very much enjoying the soft pinks and nudes we’re seeing a lot of at the moment (see those gorgeous Fendi shoes from before), but I’m needing an injection of colour at the moment. Eww injection. I hate needles. But on to prettier, happier things…


Brooke Maxi Dress, £150


Navy ‘Harmony’ Maxi Dress, £250

Diane Von Furstenberg

Lele silk-chiffon strapless dress, £345

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania

Munroe Cotton Dress, £265


I think I’m a little bit in love the Diane Von Furstenburg.


Herman the Manatee

I’ve been loving this webcomic for some time now, but this update was so cute it made me laugh out loud. I hate that I can’t type the words ‘laugh out loud’ without thinking ‘LOL’. But yes. I hereby present you with something that made me giggle.

(all credit goes to the guy who draws Herman the Manatee. Jason Viola?)


Well, I’ll be.

I can’t think of anything to write about the events of this evening that doesn’t include swearwords or result in me sobbing all over the keyboard. This picture partly depicts my feelings about tonight.

I enjoyed a lot of good spaghetti bolognese, and then something was announced and everything  took a turn for the decidedly shitty.

Oops, there’s a swear word. At least I’m not sobbing.

Dear shoe fairy…

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Jimmy Choo

China strappy sandals, £435

Roberto Cavalli

Embellished suede sandals, £1060

Alexander McQueen

Geometric leather pumps, £485 (and oh-so Gaga)

Jimmy Choo

Zero metallic-leather sandals, £495

I would FIND a time to wear them. I would throw a party just to have an excuse to wear any of these shoes.

…and dearest shoe fairy,  if you really do consider sending any of these my way, please consider sending the following first. I love tulle.


Tulle-embellished suede sandals, £920

These beauties also come in black, but I’m currently loving all sorts of nude. In terms of clothing, not people. Although….

Oooh. Classic nude.

Curiouser and curiouser

When I thought of writing this post, I was originally going to allude to the imagery of falling down the rabbit hole. But then  realised that Alice lands in a world completely different to her own. Different sights, sounds, smells, people. That’s not actually what’s happened to me. This is more like it:

Have you ever felt like you’ve crossed over into a parallel universe? Your home looks the same, there are all the same familiar sounds and smells… the creaky floorboard in my room, the dog lying by the sofa, Radio 2 somewhere in a  distant room… and yet the world has altered. And it doesn’t seem real- in fact, this is completely surreal. Knowing that one day soon I will realise that this is my new reality is a sad and tiring feeling.

What I do have in common with Alice (Tim Burton’s Alice, at least) is the continued hope -and the sad knowledge that there’s no point hoping- that I can just pinch my arm and wake myself up from this strange dream.


Jack and I went to see Dave Matthews Band on Saturday at the O2 Arena in London.

It’s the second time we’ve seen them live, and let me tell you… brilliant though they are in their recordings, nothing beats seeing DMB on stage. They have so much energy and humour and they seem like they could just jam for hours.

Every single member of the band is awesome at what they do. My favourite might be Carter Beauford, the drummer who blows bubbles with his chewing gum during the most energetic, remarkable drum solos. And then he spends a few minutes at the end of the concerts throwing the sticks he’s used into the crowd. It’s a lot of sticks… He drums like a demon. In fact they all play as if their lives depend on it, it really has to be seen to be believed. And anyone who sees Dave Matthews dancing can’t go away unchanged. It’s a sight to behold.

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Two thoughts, unrelated.

1. How in Dumbledore’s name did I get 57 hits on my blog yesterday?!

2.  Ah, the dangers of writing about Mansfield Park. Ahem…

“In contrast to this, Jane Austen’s Fanny seems highly realistic”.

Oh dear.

Reasons to be cheerful…Part 3 (but really 1)

My beautiful new necklace.

Having a mum who buys me flowers for no reason. That one was a pink carnation.

This blue sky. Has Spring sprung?!

I am very cheerful about the fact that this man did not break into my car, a course of action he seemed to be considering. In fact, it turned out he was an actor waiting for his cue to walk down the road. He just passed the time by looking in my car windows and pacing nervously. Actually… he’s an actor. He was probably checking his reflection.

And yes, I took his picture. Call me Nancy Drew.

Hey hey Mr Blue!

It seems that everyone today is celebrating the first blue sky of 2010. Of course, in it’s inimitable style, Leeds’ blue sky has a wealth of clouds, some not as white and fluffy as one could hope for. Some are distinctly grey.

But I think they just make our skyscape all the more beautiful…