Apart from the fact that I ENVY YOUR LIVES…

…here are a few of my initial thoughts on BAFTA 2010 red carpet fashion.

1. Does smiling hurt, Kristen Stewart? Why do you always look like your mum had to drag you out of bed and force you to wear these beautiful clothes? Note: I haven’t purposely chosen a ‘bad picture’. Her face was like this in every picture.

2. Carey Mulligan, you might just be my new favourite young actress. Keira K was fine (ok, I still love her), but you can actually smile and look fun and sweet whilst simultaneously being elegant and beautiful. The hemline does look a little like you couldn’t make up your mind, but that gorgeous shoulder exposure and the floral print more than make up for it. Loving the hair.

3. I covet your dress, Joely Richardson. But it would look ridiculous on me, because unlike you I am not a 5″10 blonde goddess. But yes. Stunning. PS. YOR MUM IS WELL FIT TOO.

4. Kate Winslet, you know how I love you. Why have you borrowed a dress from Madonna’s more reserved wardrobe? You are much better than this. I look forward to the Oscars, please return to your usual fabulosity.


One thought on “Apart from the fact that I ENVY YOUR LIVES…

  1. Katherine says:

    I agree with all of your comments, Carey is gorgeous! And although I loved Kate’s dress, I’d like to see her in something a bit more “her”. All in all, awesome BAFTAs though.

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