Today is the day…

…that I went from this:

…to this:

I actually love it. Although I definitely need to do something about the colour, those weird light brown roots are no longer just roots- they’re most of my hair. I’ll be fixing that tonight.

I haven’t had an actual hairstyle since I was about 14, when I decided to let my hair grow long for the Leavers Ball when I would be 18. I’m now 21, and I actually wore my hair in an up-do for the ball.

I’ve been feeling like a change for a while now, and over the past week or so I decided the hair had to go. It’s lovely most of the time, but most days I just wear it tied up in a ponytail. And it takes forever to wash and dry, AND I shed hair like our old Keeshond dog. Attractive, not so much (the shedding, not the dog- he was gorgeous).

Yesterday I was kind of sad at the thought of chopping off my long hair- it was very beautiful at times, I’ll not be shy about that…

And it was also sometimes very fun, a rich source of entertainment, if you will…

But when I woke up this morning it looked like this:

Neither fun nor beautiful.

So I went into the hairdressers feeling more excited than sad, and came out feeling liberated, more youthful and (oddly enough) more feminine.

I have been bobbed.

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