How odd.

I was in a pub this afternoon, sitting on a swivel stool at the bar, feeling like I needed some faded green sailor tattoos and Brylcreemed hair. Or at least a grey beard. My sister and I were definitely not the usual clientele at that section of the pub.

A tall, grizzled man was glaring at us but I just ignored him while I drank my coke. Then, his wife came in and sat down next to him. Throwing a curious glance towards us, she sipped the pint of Guinness he had ordered for her. I just need to inform you that this is about 2.30 pm, and she is an elderly woman in a pink hat. He grumbles something, and disappears; presumably for a smoke or to powder his nose. She watches him go, and as soon as he’s out of the door she surreptitiously pulls a small object out of her handbag. She stares at it, frowning, and fiddles around for a few seconds, before half-smiling and slipping it back into her handbag, just in time; her husband returns immediately afterwards, and I have a feeling that she doesn’t want him to know what she’s up to.

Dear readers, the object is a tamagotchi. Remember them? If not, google away.

I really want to know the story behind this old lady and her secret 90’s virtual pet.


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