An open letter to the man in the car outside my house:

Hello? Hello?! Could you stop revving your engine for a moment and listen to me? Thank you.

I know it’s snowy out there. These little streets are too neglected to be gritted by the council, and frankly I think the whole place looks nicer under a blanket of snow. The usual scatterings of broken glass are now surprise scatterings of broken glass, a development sure to make my walk into university even more lively and exciting than usual.

Looking at your car, I’m fairly sure you’re one of those guys who hurls his car around these streets day and night, the huge silver exhaust (which, by the way looks ridiculous on your beat up old Nissan) screaming and your tyres squealing. It must be super thrilling to know that families live in this area and not only could you cause an accident with your reckless driving, but that it could actually be a child you end up killing.

We get it; you like noise, you like the accelerator pedal, you like people to look at you. Please let me give you some advice, just for now. When you are stuck in snow, your usual tactic of slamming the gas on will not help. You will get even more stuck, then spend the next twenty minutes revving your engine and spinning your tyres like an idiot, disturbing and irritating your neighbours so greatly that one or more of them will feel the need to write you a strongly worded blog post.

Select a low gear. Just use a very light touch on the accelerator, and let the wheels gain some traction. Be gentle.

Be quiet. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “An open letter to the man in the car outside my house:

  1. Adam says:

    Oh Sarah – you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head with this! Fed up with everyone like this, but glad I live in the middle of nowhere with nobody

  2. Adam says:

    Oops – posted that before I was finished:

    … like that around to piss me off.

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