Drivin’ home for Christmas…

I’m off home today for the Christmas holidays, so I won’t be posting here for a while. This turns out to have been an awkward time for me to have started this blog; I’ve mostly been ill and at home this term!

I’m actually looking forward to coming back to Leeds after Christmas… I’ll be able to start again-academically, with choir, with exercising (haha who am I kidding?!), and with this blog.

Last night I cleaned this tiny house from top to bottom, and then to celebrate I made a Christmas tree. Out of loo rolls. For some reason, my flatmates and I have had an unspoken agreement since the beginning of term not to throw away any of the cardboard rolls when they’re done. I didn’t count how many we ended up with but the Magical Cardboard Christmas Tree itself is made out of 32 loo rolls. Please don’t draw any unsavoury toilet-related conclusions from that figure, we’ve all had colds and THAT is the reason so much tissue has been used. Pics to follow (hopefully)*.

*Pics of tree, not used toilet paper. Gosh.


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