Deck the halls with trees of cardboard!

I’m sure you’re all very envious of my crafty Christmas tree making skills. Just the thought of photos being added has probably thrown you into a turmoil of excitement and wonder. Fear not, I will be including instructions for making your very own Magical Cardboard Christmas Tree. I’m nice like that.

First, obtain a large quantity of cardboard loo rolls. The means by which you do this doesn’t particularly matter, but I’d rather not hear the details, thank you.

Then, take one oversized empty Cava bottle (uncovered whilst cleaning the wreckage of our living room the other day)…

Fashion a star out of tin foil and, of course, loo roll (flattened)…

Add a little elegant decoration here and there…

Tape it all together in a sort of Christmas tree shape (I was actually SUPER crafty and cut notches as well as sellotaping the whole thing- it’s one sturdy tree)…

Et voila! Your very own student-budget, recycled, slightly odd-looking MAGICAL CARDBOARD CHRISTMAS TREE!

You’re most welcome.


2 thoughts on “Deck the halls with trees of cardboard!

  1. Ry Sal says:

    even though I’m old and have a real tree now – I still pull out our tin foil star as a decoration.

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