This weekend I was parking my car outside the house, carefully avoiding clipping the lamppost with my wing mirror when I noticed something I’d never seen before. Someone has written ‘I love you’ repeatedly, in small non-obtrusive lettering on the side of the lamppost. I’m sure it’s been there, right outside my front door, this entire time. I’m intrigued as to who wrote it, and why; were they waiting for someone by the lamppost, bored and holding a permanent marker? Did they love the person who lived in my house and want to remind them whenever they passed the lamppost to get to the front door? Was someone in the throes of a drunken love affair with the lamppost itself, as expressed in the Madness song ‘Lovestruck’?

Whyever it’s there, I’m glad it is. It’s the nicest thing a lamppost has ever said to me.


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