Remember, remember the 5th of November…

Before the flu I had bronchitis, and then after the flu came tonsilitis. So I didn’t leave the house for a couple of weeks basically, and now I’m at my real home, in Lincolnshire. Loading up on vitamins.

Being stuck in bed meant that I couldn’t spend much time making myself feel good about living in Leeds, because I was spending most of my time trying to make myself feel good about eating lunch or holding a conversation.

I missed Bonfire Night, which was so annoying because that IS one of my favourite things about Leeds.

I love Bonfire Night anyway. I love being wrapped up all warm, and smelling the smoke, and cuddling someone tall and handsome (I do have someone particular in mind, I don’t just select a stranger from the crowd) whist cricking my neck as I watch the fireworks, which never cease to delight and amuse me- I’m a sucker for sparkly things, bright lights, and loud noises. I like to be dazzled.

And Bonfire Night in Leeds is really good. The park just fills up with people, and the fire itself is like a Viking funeral pyre- it’s massive and awesome. I love staring at fire. I am scared of fire, but it’s just so beautiful and mesmerising.

There’s a funfair, and as you walk around, you bump into people you know and you all hug awkwardly through the ten layers of clothing and hats and scarves you’ve had to put on to survive a November night out in Yorkshire. It does strike me as odd that a lot of girls will happily go out in winter wearing nothing but a tutu and a bra,  and will walk all the way into town through the gales and rain dressed like that, as long as there’ll be dancing at the end- but on the ONE NIGHT that their destination involves a huge, hot inferno in the middle of a large crowd of people, they wear Uggs and bundle themselves up like they’re heading out into a snow drift.

Anyway, I’d consoled myself with the thought that I would at least see the fireworks from my window. Unfortunately, my view of the actual colourful explosions was obscured by a chimney on the roof of the house opposite mine. I could see the sky light up in different colours, see the smoke drifting out and down the streets, but I saw not one sparkle or flash.

I’m determined to see them next year, because last year they were quite spectacular, and the whole night just made me glad to be in Leeds. Even if I did ruin my Uggs in the mud.




DSC01741These are just the embers, really. I do not exaggerate when I say that bonfire was HUGE.


DSC01755How cool is it that this swing ride has a license plate? IMAGINE driving that down the M25, swings flailing, lights flashing… that freaky kid in the pink duffel coat screaming that she wants to get off…


3 thoughts on “Remember, remember the 5th of November…

  1. Brian Z says:

    Hey Sarah,

    I was looking at a twitter (from Dooce, I believe) and for some reason I clicked on your response to her about ‘best music in a movie. (and yes, a little corny ;) I read your blog about ‘Leeds’, which I’ve never heard and thought I would leave you a comment and say you appear to be a ‘good’ soul….attractive as well. :)

    Just wanted to hi and to say hang in there with living in Leeds and going to school. Continue your blogs and enjoy the time you have at the university. Just remember, when you finish going to school, you’ll probably have to get a job (unless you don’t HAVE to work) so enjoy the time while it’s there.

    Thanks for the break I had while I read your blog. :)

    Brian Z

  2. Katie says:

    no way, I came here from dooce too! I saw you on the dooce community thing.. saw you were at university in Yorkshire so I thought I’d check out your blog! (I’m from Leicester but in my 2nd year at Sheffield)
    I’m quite new to this whole blogging thing, but I like yours! Nice writing style, and.. well, I like Yorkshire :)

    • Sarah says:

      Aw well thanks for having a read of my blog :) I do like Yorkshire too, it’s a beautiful place, and I’m sure I’d love Leeds if I didn’t live in it :P
      It’s cool to hear from someone my age who’s also a Dooce fan… have you got a blog of your own?

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