Perfect stranger

I was walking back from uni today when I suddenly realised I hadn’t paid much attention to the world around me. As I’m intending to shut myself away for the rest of the day to finish an essay and tidy my room, this would mean that I’d have missed my chance to see something beautiful today.

So I slowed down and started looking around as I walked. It is a beautiful day today. The air is bright and cold, and the leaves on the trees are just brilliant in their last shouts of orange and red. Some trees are bare, except for a few berries. The streets even seem a bit cleaner today. I was just thinking about getting my camera out when a girl in her early twenties approached me and asked for directions.

I walked with her for about 10 minutes, and she was so charming and interesting  to talk to.  We talked about student life, Leeds, Bristol, London, the cinema, her job, going for walks. Her name was Catherine. She had a fantastic engagement ring; every time she lifted her hand to gesticulate or flip her hair it caught the light and I couldn’t stop staring at it. She remarked what a beautiful day it was today, that it was almost like an Indian summer.

I’ll never see her again, but I’m glad I met her. It’s nice to share a day like this with someone, even if they are a perfect stranger.


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