Hello world!

I like that WordPress has named this first post ‘Hello world!’- it’s so optimistic, like I’ve just been born.

But, if I had just be born, I’d be all pink and squidgy (not that I’ve changed much in that department since 1988) and rather unable to operate a camera or computer, so this blog wouldn’t be much good at all.

That is, if it going to be any good at all. We’ll see.

I’ve said all this in the About section, but as this is the first post, I’ll be generous and say it again. I’ve given this blog the address ‘Stuck In Leeds’ because I am. I chose to go to university here, and apart from my interesting lectures and my two flatmates, there is nothing much at all I like about the place. I don’t belong in this city; it’s not my city.

As I write, I can hear young arrogant men revving their engines for minutes at a time in the street outside my tiny terraced house. There is rubbish literally blowing down the street- the result of a combination of rubbish collectors strikes and living in windy Yorkshire. The students around here walk around either with their heads tucked into huge scarves and coats, or wearing practically nothing and waking the street by screaming and throwing vodka bottles at 3 am. The ‘normal’ residents here wander the streets with nothing behind their eyes, or sit on their doorsteps looking massively depressed. I don’t blame them.  DId I mention the streets are also covered in broken glass? And unless I specifically say ‘good morning’ to a passer-by, nobody makes eye contact at all. Sometimes it turns out the depressed old women smoking on their doorsteps are very happy that someone has bothered speaking to them. Sometimes they look worried that I’m going to distract them while my mates rob their house. It happens around here.

But, I don’t want to get to the end of my degree and think “What a waste of 3 years that was, being depressed the entire time”, so (this is where the blog name ‘It’s Not So Bad, Really’ comes into play) I have decided to start a blog in which I will post photos and maybe some stories about something beautiful, interesting, or funny I have seen in Leeds each day. Knowing me, it won’t be long until it’s weekly, then monthly, but hey… let’s be optimistic! Hellooooo world!

DISCLAIMER: I realise some of what I’m saying here might be perceived as snobbish. Let me assure you, I don’t look down on the people who live here, it just makes me sad that they have to. It’s not a nice place to be. And yes, there are worse places to live. But living in a Delhi slum was not one of the accommodation options offered to me for studying here, so I can only write in terms that are relative to my life.

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